Leading the Industry with New Standard

With a firm commitment to excellence, New Standard has been the go-to supplier for businesses and residents in Muskegon, MI, and Grand Haven, MI. We have consistently provided only top-notch goods that meet the diverse needs of our customers. It is not exaggerated to claim that New Standard indisputably has the goods you need.

A Benchmark in the Industry

As an industry leader, we don’t just provide goods; we deliver solutions that ensure our customers’ satisfaction. With a broad range of products in our inventory, we aim to cater to various industries’ needs. Whether it’s construction equipment, housewares, or office supplies, you can count on New Standard for their availability. This wide-ranging stock, combined with sterling customer service, has solidified our status as Muskegon and Grand Haven’s best.

Commitment to Quality

At New Standard, we understand that the quality of our goods strongly reflects on our clients’ work and, consequently, on our reputation. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to meet and even surpass industry standards. By doing so, we give our customers one less thing to worry about – the reliability of their supplies.

Building Bonds with the Community

While we maintain a broad reach, we’re deeply rooted within our local communities of Muskegon and Grand Haven. We believe in building and nurturing these relationships, as they contribute significantly to our mutual growth and success. In our journey forward, we aim not only to keep meeting your needs but also to continue setting new standards in the industry.