Debunking Myths Surrounding California’s Cannabis

There are several myths and misconceptions about use, benefits, and risks of cannabis, particularly in California. Cannabis 21 Plus is committed to breaking down these myths and ensuring accurate information is disseminated. With informed comprehension, you can make the right choices for your health and lifestyle.

Myth 1: Cannabis Use Leads to Crime and Violence

This is one of the commonly prevalent myths associated with Cannabis use. The truth is, there is no substantial evidence that directly links cannabis use to increased rates of crime and violence. A study published in the popular magazine “Psychology Today”, found that there is no direct causative relationship between cannabis use and crime. The study attributed the crime in regions with a high prevalence of Cannabis to social and economic factors.
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Myth 2: Cannabis is a Gateway to Harder Drugs

Another common myth about cannabis is that it serves as a gateway to more addictive and harmful drugs. This theory has been widely debunked by numerous scientific studies. Most cannabis users do not proceed to use hard drugs, and factors such as environment and social behaviors play a much larger role in hard drug use. Most experts agree that marijuana should not be categorized as a “gateway drug”.

Myth 3: Legalizing Cannabis Has Increased Teen Usage

Contrary to this belief, the legalizing of Cannabis has not led to an increase in Teen usage. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report stating that the states with legal cannabis did not see a significant increase in teen usage post-legalization. It appears that regulation, coupled with education and public awareness campaigns, are effective methods for reducing underage usage of cannabis. Read more about it here.

Cannabis 21 Plus recognizes the importance of eliminating such misconceptions and provides tools to educate, enlighten, and empower everyone about the proper use of cannabis.